Realistic Graphics Mod v3.0 – Changelog

• Added support for 1.35 update.
• Graphical enhancements:
-> Improved colors of graphical parameters (ambient, diffuse, specular etc.)
-> Improved brightness and reflection of chrome objects
-> Improved nature events (fog, wind, rain)
-> Improved bloom effect
-> Improved shadow colors
-> Improved sun shaft colors, strength and size
-> Improved eye adaptation speed
-> Improved cloud shadows
-> Improved sky colors
-> Improved colors & darkness level of nights
-> Increased bloom intensity for nighttime
• Improved light flares
• Fixed shadow flickering issue.
• Code enhancements for future updates.
• Reduced filesize of the mod(linked to shadow flickering issue).

Comparison Images

RGM v2.4 (Old)
RGM v3.0 (New)
RGM v2.4 (Old)
RGM v3.0 (New)

What’s Next? (Future Updates)

• Skybox changes & improvements
• 2K resolution road textures
• Graphical improvements for sunrise and sunset hours