About No Limitations Mod for Special Transport DLC

With this mod, you can freely use the oversized trailers of the Special Transport DLC.
Released on December 30, 2017 

Current Version: v1.1 | Click to see Changelog
Updated on: June 1, 2019
Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 | Click to see Required Game Version
Author: Frkn64


– No escort/pilot cars.
– No 60 km/h speed limit.
– No special routes.
– All oversized trailers can be taken from any city and can be delivered to all cities without any limitation.
* Special Transport DLC is required for this mod to work.



Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Version: 1.35.X

Update Notes

v1.1 – Released on June 1, 2019
– Changed mod name from Free-Driving Add-on to No Limitations Mod
– Minor bug fixes
– Added support for 1.35 update.

Click here to see changelog of previous versions

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this type mods are not allowed in the multiplayer mod.

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