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No pilot cars for Special Transport DLC
– This addon removes the escort vehicles and 60km/h speed limit from DLC.
– You can get oversize trailers from all standard companies with this addon.
– In short, you can navigate with oversize trailers on the all map.
Caution !
– You need to have Special Transport DLC to use this addon.
⚠ This addon is currently in beta. The size of the trailer may be too big for some companies. If you see such a bug, report to me the name of the cargo you took and the name of the company that you seeing the bug.

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v0.2 released. Changes;
- Now compatible with ETS 2 1.31 update.


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ETS 2 – Free Driving Add-on for Special Transport DLC v0.3
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This mod needs an update:
00:18:08.414 : Trailer position is occupied by player or trailer! -36877.8;74.1641;-16251
00:18:08.414 : [take job] Failed to extract trailer!

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